Making of... Jurassic Pet!

Hi Guys & Gurls!

Happy to welcome you in our newly started DEVlog! Maybe you already know the Jurassic Pet™ game from the Google Play & Apple Store! If not you can have a look below this link!

The second version of Jurassic Pet will get many major updates, like a new game mode and a brand new progression system. So we encourage everyone to play with the former version and wait for the second one!

Not so long ago we started to plan working on this next major version of this Jurassic Pet™ game and get more fun to you! So for that we established a strict timeline with 8 milestones below.

  1. Planning & writing the game design
  2. Modelling & UI
  3. Animating
  4. Coding
  5. Test
  6. Bugfix
  7. Balancing the gameplay
  8. Release

On daily basis we will put a short summary of our progression with images! We hope you will enjoy it & follow our progress.

Stay tuned and drop comments below.

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